Pharma API

Points of Application for process industry

Filtration is important for finishing of API/ Bulk Drugs products. Filtration plays an important role, for both, incoming raw material and intermediate processing, so as to make final product filtration effective.

“bonflow” PHA series filters offer unique filter configuration which is optimized for API/ Bulk Drugs manufacturing, so as to deliver desired quality at maximum dirt holding capacity, resulting into lowest cost of filtration.

“bonflow” PHA series filters are available in both variants, Surface Filters i.e. Flat sheet pleated and Depth Filters i.e. thick wall cylindrical filters. Since we manufacture our own filter cartridges, unique combinations can be offered for your specific requirements.
We are glad to offer unique resin bonded G2D (Graded Density Depth) filter as Pre-Filter and Pleated Surface filter combination for all final filtration applications. Where G2D takes maximum load and Pleated will take fine tuning.


Coal Mill

Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil


Raw Mill

Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil



Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil


Raw material handling plants

Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil