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Vats Filtration Technologies Private Limited

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"bonflow" - An Advantage

The true comparison for the filter elements should be based on -

  • Quality – NTU, SDI, etc.
  • Throughput at what quality level,
  • Consistency within same elements and for consecutive replacement.
  • Disposal hassles,
  • Inventory,
  • Any other.

For general-purpose application and by mistake, some times for critical application PP spun or PP wound filter elements are used. Generally it is assumed that these are good at start. Please find herewith some comparison points

1. Particle Unloading:

Initially as per the morphology of cartridge, it holds the particles.As it starts developing some pressure drop it changes its morphology. Change in porous structure (morphology) is the result of elastic nature of PP material. It expands its porous structure after getting pressure, resulting into release of already hold particles. Generally known as particle unloading. Whereas "bonflow" material is Rigid in construction

Particle Unloading
All the above leads to inconsistent filtrate quality within the service life of cartridge. Please see the following graph

2. High Dirt Holding Capacity:

In case of "bonflow" material, the construction of cartridge is Graded density type whereas in PP the construction is True density type. So the dirtholding capacity of "bonflow" cartridge Filter is 4-6 times greater than that of PP True Density

True Density Cartridge - e.g PP spun/ wound Graded Density Cartridge - e.g. "bonflow"

3. Incinerable:

For various atomic industries disposal of solid is very critical and essential issue. Vats "bonflow" cartridges are made of cellulose so it is very easy to dispose by incineration, it does not create any harmful gaseous product like in case of PP

To overcome all these ill advantages Vats is offering "bonflow" filter elements so as to get consistent quality and higher dirt holding capacity at the same quality throughout the service life of cartridge, see the above graph for the "bonflow"’s consistent performance.

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