Fluent TCF

An unique product for all requirements of Turbine
Control Fluid / Fire Retardant Fluid management

Model Selection

Quality Guarantee

Particulate < NAS 4 (ISO 15/13/10) Note 3 &
Moisture (Dissolved) < 100 ppm (Note 10)
TAN Up to 0.1 mg KOH /lit (Note 12)

Suggested to use dedicated for desired tank capacity for
achieving consistent quality

Key Features

  • Oil up to 68 cst
  • Stainless steel Housing
  • Trolley Mounted
  • With Smart Controller
  • Add-on features like varnish removal / control
  • Installed with Vats G2D filters for filtration
  • Vats specially design FRF HVDH for Moisture separation
  • TAN reduction with state of the art specially designed ion control technology
  • Additional Feature - Timer operated periodical operation, Online moisture sensor

Note 1: Expected life of filters for dedicated use for maintain oil cleanliness is
approximately one year.

Note 2: Moisture < 50 ppm option available

Note 3: Recommended Input quality < NAS 10, if not use coarse filter.

Note 10: Moisture Separation with HVDH Technology, Pl note that moisture
removal is a function of equilibrium. Commitment is based on normal working
condition without engressment.

Note 12: TAN reduction is Polar process and depends upon various Process /
Chemical factors. If done multifold times from higher value, reduces capacity of
reduction restricted may be up to 0.3 mg KOH/lit only.