Fluent Plus

Online Filtration of Hydraulic Oil for maintain NAS 7
quality 24×7 using existing pressure with no
additional pump required.

Model Selection

Quality Guarantee

Particulate < NAS 7 (ISO 17/15/13)

An unique product for maintaining Hydraulic oil quality for mobile

Key Features

  • Hydraulic Oil up to 68 cst
  • Possibility of 3x extended (3 times) life of oil
  • Highest Quality
  • No Heating to oil / No Static Charge
  • No Pump, No motor
  • Operates on available pressure with no change in Hydraulic performance
  • Mild steel Housing
  • Compact Size
  • Suitable for Mineral, Synthetic Oils, etc.
  • Possibility to upgrade quality to NAS 4 (ISO 15/13/10)
  • Add-on Moisture separation