Test Rig Oil Applications

Fluent total product for recirculating test rig oil to maintain desired quality NAS, mg/lit, etc. throughout service life

Typical Applications:

  • Gear Box Test rigs Low viscosity Flushing, High Viscosity testing
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, Component test rigs

Neat Cutting Oil application

Current Practice:
Every application adds load to need tutting oil and ultimately increases contamination in oil. With continuous engressement of contamination, after some times needs replacement of oil.

Resultant of current practice (Problem / Issue):
Contaminated particle oil is an extra abrasive substance.
Resulting into:
(1) Disturbing surface finish, RA value, Quality
(2) Increases Tool Dracing Frequency
(3) Overall reduction in productivity
(4) Overall increase in Cost

Solution from Vats:
Fluent Regen – A Re-Generable filtration system up to 1 micron For Neat Cutting Oil, Honing Oil, Grinding Oil, etc.

Filtration System - Schematic Diagram

Filtration System

Maintains the oil quality to your desired level with NO consumable cost *
* Expected life of media from 3 to 5 years.


Coal Mill

Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil


Raw Mill

Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil



Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil


Raw material handling plants

Solution for Hydraulic & Lubricating Oil